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This is a genealogy website of Tran Dinh's Branch

Emperor Minh Mang, the second Emperor of the Nguyen Dynasty,
 had 78 sons and 64 daughters.
Duke of Tran Dinh is the fifty sixth's son of Emperor Minh Mang

   Just a few words. . .

The reason I created this page is because our kids are growing up and they have many questions about their roots and their relatives. Some often wonder why their last names are different from those of their parents and other siblings.
      This information is based on a genealogical document compiled by my now deceased uncle, Mr. Bửu Biên and a cousin, Mr. Vĩnh Dụng. It was written in Viet Nam in 1979 and brought to me by my brother Vĩnh Châu when he arrived to the US in 1993. I dedicate this page to my uncle and cousin, whose work is very elaborate and is only briefly summarized here in this website.
      Hopefully, with the dissemination of this information about the Nguyen genealogy and with further research, those who visit this site will add more facts and contribute some suggestions. They may also wish to help make this site more readable and accessible for anyone with interest in the royal family of Viet Nam. Please feel free to
contact me if you have any ideas, questions or updates.
Thank you.
Nap Vinh

   A summary about our root. . .

Emperor Gia Long founded the "NGUYEN DYNASTY" in 1802. The emperor had 13 sons and 18 daughters. When emperor Minh Mạng succeeded Gia Long, he composed a poem to be used as the middle name for the descendants in each succeeding generations.
The Imperial Branch

The Imperial Branch Poem

has helped the Nguyen Phuoc Family to identify their generation with ease.
Descendants of emperor Minh Mang's sons should have a name formed as below:

Last name:      Nguyen Phuoc
Middle name:   Mien, Huong, Ung, Buu, Vinh… (Use in sequence each "name" in the Imperial Branch Poem as above)
Name:             XXXX

Each "name" of the poem will be used as middle name for each generation.

This is an example of myself :

Generation Last name Poem as middle name

    First name

My great great great grandfather Emperor Minh mang (2nd Emperor of the Nguyen Dynasty)
My great great grandfather Nguyễn Phước Miên           Miêu
                                                               is Duke of Tran Dinh
My great grandfather Nguyễn Phước Hường Chuyên
My grandfather Nguyễn Phước Ưng Từ
My father Nguyễn Phước Bửu Hoàng
Myself   (a.k.a Nap Vinh) Nguyễn Phước Vĩnh Nạp
My son (a.k.a Jack Nguyen) Nguyễn Phước Bảo Anh
My daughter (a.k.a Peggy Cong-Huyen) Công Huyền Tôn Nữ Mai Vy
My grandson Nguyễn Phước Quý Not yet

Some families realized that the last name is too long so they omitted the words: "Nguyễn Phước".
That is the case of myself, my name was shorten to become Vĩnh Nạp. Whenever I see a person named Bửu XXX.. I can understand that person is at the same level as my father and my salutations would be more polite and accurate.
Up to now we've reached the seventh and the eighth middle name.
On the women side, the middle names are different and simple. They are:

conghuyen.gif (1899 bytes)

Emperor Minh Mạng was born in 1791 and passed away in 1840.
He had  40 wives, 78 sons and 64 daughters.
Duke of TRẤN ÐỊNH is the 56th son of the Emperor,
and his mother is the 18th wife of the Emperor.

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